Amazon: Buy a return pallet – is that possible?

Every now and then you can find sellers on the internet who offer you the chance to buy an “Amazon returns pallet”. Is it worth it? What are your experiences with such pallets? And where can you order them at all?

Pallets of this kind are wonder bags in a big way. You don’t know what’s inside and hope to get expensive devices like an iPhone for a small price. However, you should not buy such pallets blindly.

Return pallets at Amazon? Caution, scam!
Behind most offers of “return pallets” are scams and fakes. Thus, in mid-March, the Consumer Advice Centre Saxony warns against such alleged bargains. Users who ordered several such offered pallets did not get the promised technical devices, but nothing at all. So if you come across such Amazon pallets advertised on Facebook, Google ads or other platforms, don’t buy them right away. Don’t be fooled by pictures and comments either. These alleged proofs are mostly fake and do not show the actual contents of the pallets.

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“Anyone hoping for the big bargain as a private customer should always be wary of disproportionately cheap offers. No reputable trader has anything to give away. Therefore, offers on social media should always be taken with a grain of salt.”

Amazon: Buy returns as a pallet
If you buy something online from Amazon and Co. you can return the item within 14 days without giving any reason. This is convenient for customers, but it creates problems for retailers, as some of these returns cannot be resold as new goods. In some cases, such returned items are packed into packages and resold as pallets. These returns pallets from Amazon are therefore not a myth, but really exist. However, it is important not to buy such offers from unknown platforms, as many fraudsters are also active in this area. Even with reputable providers, the chances of finding a returned, current iPhone or other premium device in such a pallet are close to zero.

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Amazon: Returned items are sold here
After a purchased item is returned to Amazon by a customer, the item undergoes several checks. Depending on the condition, the item is repackaged or repaired. In many cases, such items go to Amazon’s “Amazon Warehouse Deals” or its in-house “Outlet Shop”. There you can buy as-new items at a lower price. Items that are in good condition and in high demand are likely to end up there and be sold at a price that is still worthwhile for Amazon to a certain extent.

Other, discarded items can be sold by Amazon on the official platform for as-new items. However, anyone who trades via this must follow clear rules. One of them is that you are not allowed to use Amazon’s name when reselling. So anyone who obtains B-goods pallets from Amazon via the official channel and later sells them as “Amazon Palette” is in breach of these conditions and will be excluded from the platform. Reputable B-goods traders would not take this risk.

Beware of dubious sellers
Especially on Facebook, however, you can find ads that want to sell corresponding pallets with the brand name of the famous online shop. These are usually dubious offers. Similar to the “unclaimed Amazon items” that are supposedly for sale, here you are lured to a site where you either carelessly give away private data or receive packages with low-quality goods.

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