Ideas to Organize the Kitchen

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No matter how beautiful your kitchen may be or how carefully it was planned, there comes a time when the sauce boils over, and you just can’t find the colander. Even if you’ve organised your kitchen correctly, there may still be similar situations, but perhaps some of these kitchen organisation tips can reduce the likelihood a bit.

Keep Everything Within Reach
Especially if you want to save space in a small kitchen, think from the start about when you’ll need which utensils. If you store your spices in a cupboard far from your stove, you’ll have to walk to that cupboard every time you cook a sauce. If you store your dishes in a cupboard far from your dishwasher, it will take extra time to carry them there every time you unload.

Therefore, you should keep all utensils needed for a particular task where you most often use them. In a large glass container or other container next to your stove, you can wonderfully store spatulas and cooking spoons that you’ll need here. Store cutting boards in a drawer near your knife block and ensure your compost bin is not far away. black washing up bowl

Create Order and Keep Track
This is not about disciplining you, but about finding the utensils you need faster and having them ready when you properly arrange your kitchen and everything has its place.

Try a Pegboard
A pegboard on the wall offers you space to store your utensils in the kitchen in a space-saving manner. Attach various hooks and containers to the board: larger ones to hang heavy pots and pans and smaller ones for ladles and cooking spoons. This way, they don’t take up storage space in a cupboard or drawer, and you always have the utensils in sight and within reach.

And just because something is useful doesn’t mean it can’t also look nice. You can use a small chalkboard to write shopping lists and notes or hang pots for herbs and succulents. pedal bin 30l

Drawers for Kitchen Accessories
To organise the drawer for your kitchen accessories, you can lay mason jars with the opening facing you next to each other. Attach the jars to the back wall of the drawer with some hot glue. Now you can sort all your utensils right side up into the jars. This prevents sugar thermometers, potato mashers, and garlic presses from getting tangled up and blocking the drawer.

Spice Racks
You’re probably familiar with spice racks attached to the inside of cupboard doors. They are among the most common kitchen organisation tips.

Another solution, adaptable to more kitchens, is a stepped shelf. The shelf looks like a small staircase, and you can place it in your cupboard or on your countertop near the wall if you have space for an audience of spices. Turn all labels forward so you no longer have to blindly reach for spices until you finally find the cinnamon.

Properly arranging a kitchen involves many different aspects, and it’s hardly possible to tackle everything at once. But hopefully, these kitchen organisation tips are a good start for you! Also, read our other articles on cleaning kitchen cabinets or rearranging cabinets for autumn and winter, and don’t forget to sign up for the Frag Team Clean Community to receive exclusive offers.

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